Friday, May 13, 2011

Caramel Filled Apple Pie

Ingredients :
1 Green Apple
2 table spoons 
1 table spoon crushed nuts ( walnuts, peacons, almonds)
1 puff pastry sheet.( Remove from the freezer 45 min prior to use)

Directions :
1.  Take a Medium size green Apple.
2.  Make a hollow hole from the top of the apple with the help of a scoop or a spoon. Should look like a bowl. ( Do not make too wide opening. Can be of 1 inch wide).
3.  Mix the caramel and nuts.
4.  Fill the apple with the caremel.( Do not let it overflow).
5.  Take the puff-pastry sheets and cut it to 1 inch wide strips. You can roll them with chapati roller to make it long. 
6.  Wrap the apple with the pastry strips. You can stick two strips by touching some water at the ends. 
7.  Once you cover the whole apple, take a small square piece of pastry sheet and stick it on the top the apple( where you have the caramel).
8.  Then you can cut a small piece of pastry sheet to make a leaf shape and then stick it on the top. 
9.  Now Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake it for 15 - 20 min. ( Until it gets lite brown)
10. After baking, take it out from the oven and cool it for 5 mins. 
11. Then cut from the top and enjoy the essence of the taste. 

Note : You can replace anything in place of nuts. ( Like brown sugar, corn flakes...) 


  1. Looks good and Yum!!!!Nice Recipe..

  2. Looks good and yum!!!Nice recipe...


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